New design of label stickers

KLX printing company manufacture millions of new label stickers. These labels are printed in new design. The material for these label stickers is silver PET, the stickers are shining and glossy. These stickers are made for plastic bottle of healthcare products.

KLX printing company provides professional packaging design, helping customers have their own unique packaging solution. KLX printing company has almost 30 years experiences in printing, both labels and boxes.

We make all kinds of label stickers for various fields, such as price tag, caution labels, glossy label stickers, golden labels, etc. KLX printing company is also professional in packaging box manufacturing. We design and make all kinds of packaging boxes, such as pharmacy box, gift box, supplement box, etc. Various kinds of handbag are also included in our packaging family.

KLX printing company provide design, production, delivery one-stop service. We have our own design team, manufacture factory and strict quality-control system. Most of our clients have business with us for more than 10 years.

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