What is the principle of color printing machine

The color printing machine can be used for printing on many materials, and its application scope is also very wide. Then some people will not know how to use and work the color printing machine. Let's understand the principle of the color printing machine.

If you want to know the principle of color printing machine, you need to buy the machine first, and you may not be able to buy a good one when you buy it. How do you buy it? Let's talk about how to choose a color printer. First of all, we need to know the accuracy of the color printing machine. When purchasing the machine, we should personally watch the color printing of the machine, and measure whether the color printed pictures are the same size as the pictures set in the computer. Second, it is necessary to choose a color digital printing machine with high-intensity working ability. The color printing machine is easy to operate, time-saving and labor-saving, and can work more continuously to provide customers with the basis for creating wealth, so as to continuously create profits for customers. Therefore, when customers choose a color printer, they must choose a color printer with high strength. The third is to select a stable nozzle and ink without impurities. A good color printing machine should have good stability in the area of ink supply. First, the nozzle is durable, and then the plug. There are few ink breaks and ink leaks.

You can buy a good color printer if you know these things. How can you operate a good color printer? What is its working principle? Now let's talk about the principle of the color printer. First, the words and images to be printed are made into a printing plate and installed on the printing machine. Then, ink is applied manually or by the printing machine to the places where there are words and images on the printing plate, and then directly or indirectly transferred to paper or other substrate (such as glass, plastic, leather, wood, glass and ceramics), so as to copy the same print as the printing plate. The above is about the introduction of principles and other knowledge development.