What are the methods of combination in album printing?

What are the methods of plate assembly for album printing? Album printing refers to the printing of books with pictures and a small amount of text. The picture albums are basically printed with coated paper, and there are also brochures printed with special paper on the cover and inside pages.

The pages to be printed are arranged in the order of page number according to the folding method, and the size is determined by the printing format and the size of the printing paper. This is called typesetting, which can be roughly divided into two types: part typesetting and book typesetting. So what method is used for the assembly of the album? We can divide the methods into the following three types: First, the patchwork of parts occupies a heavy weight in the printed matter. For example, a piece of printed matter that needs to be printed in front and back with a format of 16K can be combined into a double-sided version for front and back printing. If you want to save costs, you can also combine the bottom and cover, and it is not necessary to replace the single-sided self turning version with its mouth when printing.

2、 For the combined edition of books and periodicals (magazines, picture albums, atlases, etc.) before printing, you must first understand the process elements of the required combined edition, number of page numbers, binding method (horse riding, wire flat binding, lockstitch binding or glue binding), number of printing colors (single color, double color or four color), thickness of paper used, and folding form (manual folding or machine folding) to determine the method of the combined edition.

3、 The proper selection of the combination mode can not only make the combination and binding smooth, but also save costs and improve the quality of books and periodicals. In the printing process, there are specific rules to follow in the arrangement of pages. No matter how many page numbers are, they must be arranged in a specific page according to the rules to print the album. That is, there is a certain rule between the number of pages folded (F) and the number of pages (L), and between the number of pages (A) and the number of printed sheets (I), that is, the first fold forms two pages with four pages, and the second fold forms four pages with eight pages. Plate assembly is an important part of album printing, and it also has many advantages, such as improving product quality, reducing errors, simplifying process, etc. There are many advantages of plate assembly, which also need to pay attention to the method of operation in this link, and make a beautiful album.

The way of design expression: the business owner needs to fully convey the information he needs to convey to the designer. The designer of Tiantian Printing Company must clearly and accurately convey the design content and image characteristics of the album through his professional skills. If the album printing design of the investment company is mistaken for that of the cleaning company, then no matter how beautiful and novel the appearance decoration is, it is also a failure. There are many kinds of printing ink for album printing. According to different printing methods, the common types of printing ink can be divided into four categories: lithographic printing ink, relief printing ink, intaglio printing ink and screen printing ink. A good printing ink must have the characteristics of high purity, high saturation, high lightfastness, high transparency and good water resistance. The ink quality of Shanghai Printing Company directly affects the quality of printed matter. Ink can be imported or domestic, and the quality is mixed. When printing the album, you can choose the appropriate ink according to the design requirements of different papers and albums. For example, when the color is heavy, you need high purity and high saturation ink.