Selection method of self-adhesive label

Selection method of self-adhesive label

The thickness of the paste label is even, and the strength index is qualified. The printing pressure of the self-adhesive label used in the printing process should be consistent with the thickness of the self-adhesive label. If the thickness is uneven and the printing pressure is uneven, the label printing handwriting or ink color will be light. If the film strength is too poor, it is difficult to control the film tension in the printing process, which will have a great impact on die cutting and waste disposal.

According to the object type, grade, quality, characteristics, application environment, surface sticking and user requirements of KingLungXiang self-adhesive label, if you want to use a good transparent polypropylene self-adhesive label on transparent bottles, you can produce a label without fashion sense, which can improve the quality of goods and stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

1. PVC film has the characteristics of good flexibility, small shrinkage, light resistance, good processing and labeling, bright color and so on, and has the function of promoting goods.
2. The surface of the film adhesive must be smooth and dense, with uniform density, good color consistency and good light transmittance, so as to ensure uniform film ink and large color difference in the same batch of printing.

4. Self-adhesive labels shall be flat, with uniform winding tension and good flatness, and shall be correctly transferred, operated, centered and wound during printing. The winding tension should be even and appropriate. If the winding tension is too small and the film is loose, it is not allowed to overprint up and down. If the tension is too large, the substrate will shrink horizontally and the color will be unstable, so it is difficult to print normally.

5. Film adhesive also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, color fastness, shrinkage and small expansion rate. If the corrosion resistance is poor, it is easy to age and fade, and the label is not durable, it will affect the sales and use of goods. If it shrinks, the expansion rate will be large, which will not only affect the printing overprint accuracy, but also deform the label during use, which will affect the sales and use of goods. In particular, the labels of high-grade goods should be avoided as much as possible, and the labels are embarrassed by aging (including label aging, including plastic aging and ink fading). If necessary, the aging test of plastic or label should be carried out to test its performance.

6. The selected self-adhesive label is also within the validity period, maintaining good viscosity.