Take a look at the combination printing and special printing for you

When printing, we often hear some proper noun, such as "block printing" and "special printing" which often appear in the color box printing factory, which makes many friends feel very confused. So what are the differences between the two?

1、 What are the differences between "block printing" and "special printing"?

In fact, from the perspective of a color box printing factory, block printing is a shared printing method that involves piecing together printed documents from multiple customers on a single layout; Special edition printing, on the other hand, emphasizes independence and specificity, with only one customer's printed document per layout.

2、 What are the advantages and disadvantages of "block printing" and "special printing"?

The advantage of color box printing factory's combination printing is its affordable price, which is more suitable for customers with low printing requirements. However, its disadvantage is that there are not many processes to choose from, and there are also certain restrictions on colors. Generally, the quantity of combination printing is not large.

The advantages of special plate printing in color box printing factories are good color quality and large quantity, while its disadvantage is high cost. For some customers with insufficient budget, it is necessary to consider carefully when choosing special plate printing.

In fact, whether it is special plate printing or combination printing, it is quite common in the business of color box printing factories. Combination printing not only meets the printing requirements of customers, but also saves costs for customers. It is more suitable for small customers. For customers with layout requirements and quality requirements, we suggest that you choose special plate printing with guaranteed printing quality.