What factors will affect the quality of color box packaging printing?

When purchasing products, we always consider the quality of the product. There are also many points that we need to check and pay attention to when it comes to the quality of the color box. Today, the printing editor of the district court will take a look at the factors that affect the quality of the color box. One of the factors that may lead to poor quality of the color box may not be well noted.

1. There are many patterns in the product, and when there are many patterns, the quality of the product can be judged by comparison, such as the different colors of the patterns on both ends of the product. Another possibility is that during plate making, there may be a situation where the dot size changes during electroengraving from left to right, resulting in differences in the printing effect between the left and right ends of the plate cylinder during printing.

2. The temperature difference in the workshop is large, and the temperature will affect the flow of ink, which will change according to the temperature. In the production workshop of color box packaging, it is generally necessary to control the temperature at around 23 degrees Celsius. In winter, attention should be paid to preheating the ink used for printing to ensure the fluidity of the ink during printing.

3. Dot blockage can affect the transfer of ink, resulting in a decrease in ink transfer and resulting in differences in the final printing effect from the design expectations. If this problem occurs, a solvent or specialized cleaning agent can be used to clean the printing plate, which can to some extent ensure the final product effect of the printed matter.

4. The drying speed of printed matter and the wind blowing speed in the workshop can affect the drying speed of printed matter, resulting in changes in the color of the printed matter.

The above are a few factors that affect the quality of color boxes. I hope the sharing in this article can give you some ideas on strictly following the methods when processing printed materials.

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