Commonly used paper types in packaging carton factories

In life, we have to deal with packaging every day, food, clothing, life, entertainment and other products are closely related to product packaging. The rapid development of science and technology has caused great changes in population patterns and consumption patterns. The huge changes in consumption patterns have also promoted the steady development of product packaging industry and packaging industry technology.

Packaging is not only an important part of the product, but also an important part of the product. In daily life, there are many packaging materials, such as paper materials, plastic materials, composite materials, bamboo and wood materials, glass containers and metals. Most of the most commonly used packaging methods choose paper packaging, which is not only related to the traditions of the Chinese nation, but the country also promotes green packaging, so paper packaging is deeply loved by people.

No matter what packaging material the box chooses, as long as the packaging design is loved by people, it will have its value. Packaging design is a visual language and plays an important role in our lives.