Material selection in packaging and printing must comply with relevant standards

When selecting packaging materials, designers must first consider compliance with packaging laws, regulations and related standards. From packaging patterns, colors, logo images, explanatory text, packaging technology and methods, and packaging waste recycling and reuse, all indicators and standards should be met. The national and local competent authorities have issued and implemented more than 500 laws, regulations and standards related to product packaging design materials, which play an important legal basis for regulating the production, circulation and sales of product packaging and protecting the interests of consumers. , The more commonly applicable regulations and standards are mainly related to food hygiene, drug management, measurement, quarantine, patent, trademark law and standardization management regulations.

The laws and regulations related to packaging, such as the Interim Management Measures for the Recycling of Packaging Resources, specify in detail the management principles, recycling methods, recycling channels, storage and transportation, classification principles, recycling and reuse varieties, and reuse of packaging waste. Methods, test methods, reuse technology, inspection rules, waste disposal, etc. For different types of product packaging, it must also comply with the special regulations of the corresponding categories, such as the Regulations on the Implementation of the Production License for Food Paper Packaging, Containers and Other Products in the ``Outbound Goods Packaging Quarantine Treatment Management, Volume Packaging Product Measurement Supervision Regulations, Cloud Law X Hazardous Chemical Packaging Measures for the Management of Fixed-point Production of Goods and Containers, “Requirements for Import and Export Food Packaging Equipment Cases”, and “Customized Product Packaging Standards” refer to the variety, size, specification, parameters, composition, and technology of all transport packaging and sales packaging produced in production technology activities. , Performance, etc. Product packaging standards are the technical basis for packaging design, production, manufacturing and inspection of packaging product quality.