The characteristics and application of custom-made carton synthetic paper

Synthetic paper has superior performance than ordinary paper. It has the characteristics of high strength, tear resistance, perforation resistance, abrasion resistance and folding, moisture resistance and insect resistance. It is widely used: its excellent water resistance,

It is especially suitable for outdoor use such as outdoor advertising: it does not generate dust or shed hair, so that it can be used in clean rooms. In addition, the source of synthetic paper raw materials and the production process will not cause environmental damage,

The product can be recycled and reused, even if it is incinerated, it will not produce toxic gas and cause secondary pollution, which meets the requirements of modern environmental protection. Synthetic paper can be in direct contact with food and used as food packaging.

The properties of coated paper with a basis weight of 10g/m2 and synthetic paper with a basis weight of 80g/m2 were compared. It can be seen that the performance of synthetic paper is much better than that of coated paper in many aspects.

When synthetic paper is produced, materials with different properties can be selected to meet different needs and application fields. Generally speaking, the surface material needs to meet people's sensory requirements and printing requirements for traditional paper.

In addition, the surface layer materials can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements, such as the development of heat-sealable synthetic paper, in-mold label paper, etc. The core layer material section can make the density lower and reduce the cost by adding functional materials.

Or greatly increase the strength to adapt to special flavor applications, etc. Synthesizing King is used in quality printing, packaging and holding purposes and other aspects to print square pictures, main products, pictorials, pictures, books, etc.,

Don’t be more ideal in Jie Shui, printing newspapers, outdoor advertising, etc. Main products such as handbags, but packed in boxes, new heat-sealable synthetic paper-like packaging. Industrial products like packaging, etc.: in terms of various uses,

Products such as internal labeling, hot labels, market paper, color photo paper, tracing paper for CAD, industrial computers are only used for recording, express envelopes, travel paper and other travel supplies, etc.:

Since the development of synthetic paper, the main production methods are calendering, speeding, and blowing.