What are the design standards and principles for making gift boxes?Let the gift box manufacturer tell you!

Whether the gift is good or bad, it is no longer important to take it out at that time. If you use a bad gift box, it will definitely reduce the level of the gift. So now people have higher and higher requirements for the design of gift boxes, and the production of gift boxes has a higher standard. So, what are the design standards and principles for making gift boxes?

In our traditional culture, different festivals, different gift-giving occasions, different gifts, and gift boxes have different production requirements. For example, the Mid-Autumn Festival gifts are mostly moon cakes, and the Spring Festival gifts are mostly New Year's gifts. When making gift boxes, a scientific and effective market positioning should be made according to different production times, different market needs and the advantages and disadvantages of the company.

Scientific market positioning is conducive to the increase of product market share, as is the gift box production industry. Manufacturers can clarify market positioning according to market needs and their own advantages, improve the pertinence and professionalism of gift box production, maximize market demand, and occupy the market in a short time.

The color matching method of the gift box is the key. When choosing a ribbon, gold and silver belong to one hundred colors. If several double bows overlap, the gold and silver base is the most beautiful. As for the ribbon, it is also necessary to match the color of the wrapping paper. Is it best to use the ribbon in the gift box to appear on the wrapping paper as much as possible? After the color, the same color system is also available. If the wrapping paper is purple, the ribbon can be purple and blue.

It can shorten the production cycle of new gift box packaging products, including market research, design, production preparation and formal production, as well as a series of production processes. Due to the standardization of gift box packaging, there are many standards for gift box packaging products to follow, which simplifies the production process, saves raw materials, and reduces manpower consumption.

The standardization of    gift box packaging is conducive to mechanization and continuous production, and simplifies the specification model of gift box packaging. Gift box packaging can adapt to various needs, adapt to large-scale industrial production, improve labor productivity, reduce production costs, and ensure quality.

Gift boxes can effectively improve the management level of gift box packaging. The standardization of gift box packaging requires the formulation of a series of technical standards, working standards and management standards, so as to promote enterprises to carry out design, production, inspection and other management activities around these standards, which is conducive to improving The management level of gift box packaging.

These are the standards and principles of gift box production and design. The design of packaging boxes should not follow these standards and principles, but should also meet people's rigid requirements such as aesthetics and innovation. Yipingwei Network provides packaging box design, gift box production, cosmetic packaging box design and other services. If you need packaging box design, then there is a requirement for the publishing task of Pinweik network.