What should I pay attention to when printing electronic documents?

1. Confirm whether the provided file is complete. Sometimes, although the image can be displayed, it is actually missing or has a low resolution, and the resolution is not less than 300 pixels/inch. Choosing an image with less than 300 pixels will directly affect the quality of the printed product.

     2. Pay attention to the necessary fonts required by electronic documents or crank the fonts.

     3. The color mode of the linked picture should be changed from RGB to CYMK mode.

     4. PANTONE spot color is one of the special spot color inks in printing. In the process of making graphics, please confirm whether the PANTONE spot color can achieve the same effect after converting to CYMK. There are certain differences between the two, and there are some After PANTONE spot color is converted to CYMK, the same effect can be achieved. But Process Pantone Color is definitely not reachable by CYMK.

     5. Pay attention to whether the 3mm bleeding required for printing is set, whether the color in the typesetting software is set according to the color mark value, and check the finished size of the file.