What to do with the custom design of the packaging box

A beautiful box can attract consumers and increase sales. Where should the custom design of the following packaging box manufacturers start? 1. Analyze the trend of gradual relaxation and environmental protection from the analysis of customized cabinet design:

        With the vitality of packaging, we should determine the proportion of different consumption levels according to market demand, that is, determine a good grade, especially focusing on the above-mentioned mainstream consumer groups; at the same time, we should also effectively combine professionalism, environmental protection, applicability and Standardization means implementing the so-called "appropriate packaging". At present, the "3R+1D" packaging principle is very popular in the market of this industry, that is, the principle of reduction, reuse, recycling and degradability, combined with the implementation of the Chinese-style "green packaging law", packaging waste treatment methods, packaging The safety of materials and human health protection standards are most in line with humanized packaging!

2. Starting from the cultural connotation of packaging and packaging style design, analyze:
Packaging box customization manufacturers remind that in addition to important factors such as market positioning and mainstream consumer groups, there is also the vitality of packaging, which is often integrated into specific cultural connotations or cultural connotations. This kind of culture should include brand culture, corporate culture, scientific and technological culture, historical culture, moral culture, ideological culture, religious culture, and can learn from the so-called tea culture, wine culture and many other "brother cultures". If there is culture, it will naturally show "taste".

3. From the core design elements of packaging and packaging expression analysis:
With the support of cultural connotation, product packaging will be more in line with the market and more attractive. At present, the development form of the packaging box customization industry fully embodies the vitality of packaging. Box customization often uses some vital and attractive fresh elements to cater to consumers and gain their favor. Whether this can be achieved has become an important breakthrough for designers and decision-makers.

In short, if packaging box customization companies want to truly build their own packaging, they must first handle the relationship between market positioning, mainstream consumer groups, cultural connotations, appropriate packaging, design elements and green packaging, clarify mainstream consumer groups, and clarify cultural connotations in packaging design. The important role of the packaging, so that the packaging will have more and more vigorous vitality.