What is Triple-proof label sticker?

When consumers purchase label stickers, they might recognize that there are some label stickers called triple-proof label. So what is triple-proof label? KLX printing company would like to make some explanation below.

1.     Water-proof label stickers: water-proof doesn’t mean you can soak entire label into water for a long period, most parts of label are paper after all. Water-proof label stickers can be resistant to limited amount of water.

2.     Oil-proof label stickers: on specific circumstances, such as market, kitchen, restaurant and grocery store, label stickers might be touched by some oil on surface. Oil-proof label stickers are especially made for such oily environments.

3.     Anti-scratch label stickers: there is an elastic membrane on the top of label stickers, which is strong enough for slight scratch during daily use. The  elastic membrane keeps label stickers for long term use. 

KLX printing company produces various kinds of triple-proof label stickers, which are extremely durable and clear. We use premium printing machine of Heidelberg and Labelman. KLX printing company has more than 25 years experiences on producing water-proof, oil-proof and anti-scratch label stickers.